Clients Say



“The job turned out great. It took care of some drainage issues that we had. And they were clean and polite. And we think it looks great! It made our house look at lot more like home.”


“My name is Jerry Abbott, and I’m the owner of Capstone Homes. I’ve used Strong Rock Pavers for 7 or 8 years, and did well over a thousand home, I think, with them. And I’ve always been happy with their quality of work, and quality of pavers. And they have also done my personal homes. My last two homes were done with them. I would recommend them. They do a solid job. And they are always around. If something needs to be fixed, they are there to fix it and take care of you. And a a builder, and a contractor, and a developer, we are really picky on who the trades are that we use, and they are definitely good. So, thanks again Strong Rock Pavers!”


“We live on Kings Hill Drive in Cottonwood Heights. They just completed the paver job around our house. We are really grateful for it, and they did a great job. They were Johnny on the spot. They came in here and got the job done. We didn’t have to wait for them. They stayed on schedule. The price was right. We appreciate working with them. We strongly recommend them.”


“Hi, my name is Cas. We wanted a beautiful looking driveway. Something far more durable. They did a wonderful job. We are very happy with our driveway.”


“My name is Dave Lillywhite. I just wanted to give my endorsement to Strong Rock Pavers. When I bought the home, the pavers had already been done, but they had been done incorrectly. We brought Strong Rock Pavers in. They were by far the most value bid. They redid all of the paver work. They did a fantastic job! Their design work was great. Their workmanship was fantastic. And we are very happy with the work they did, and we would recommend them to anyone!”


“We just had the Strong Rock Pavers do the walkway to the house here. And they have done a really super good job. They cleaned out all the grass. They have done a super. I really recommend those people.”


“This is the second time we have used Strong Rock Pavers. On our previous house, which was a couple of miles from here, we replaced the entire driveway, the walkway, and the front steps. Then later we sold the house, and I’m sure that is the reason that it sold so quickly, and at a really premium price. They did a beautiful job, and accented the house, and made it look amazing. So, when we bought this house, the front porch was fine, but we decided we wanted to enhance the look of the house. We had Strong Rock Pavers and provide and price for us, and a design. Their design really made the house look tremendously different in the front. It made it look much more welcoming, and much more finished and elegant. We love the look of this. They did a wonderful job!”