Strong Rock Pavers’ Story

In 1993, Elio Vianna left his beautiful home country of Brazil to follow his mother to the United Sates. Upon arrival, Elio headed to Aviation School to get his private helicopter’s license in Florida.

To keep himself busy, young Elio found a job with a construction company where a new passion was discovered: Installing beautiful cobble stones. He loved it! Although picking up heavy blocks throughout the day was tiresome, building an art project with his hands was like an escape to an oasis. Working from one wonderful home to another, creating hardscapes beyond most people’s dreams, Elio pursued a new career.

Always seeking a lively environment, Elio’s crew would often be found having fun and competing in games. Races involving carrying huge stacks of pavers, or seeing who could carry the most amount of pavers from one place to another, were common occurrences at lunch time.

At this point, everyone knew the “Master Installer” by his last name –Vianna. It’s just easier to remember. Vianna has had the pleasure of installing pavers for some of the most respectable people in the United States. From Dan Marino’s driveway (seen below) to Leslie Nielsen’s home in Arizona, being creative with pavers has never gotten old for Vianna.

Every once and a while, Vianna would bring along his son, Samuel, at an early age to keep him company.

At an early age, Samuel would often visit neighbors after school, helping them design their backyards. As good as his dad was with his craftsmanship skills, Samuel was just as good convincing people to make the best decision. Once the same passion for pavers was passed on to the neighboring friends, the young kid had them prepared for the amazing paver project that would soon take place!

Elio and Samuel Vianna, 1994 installing paver steps in Miami, Florida.

With the desire to bring pavers to the rest of the nation, along with providing friends with jobs, and the demand for pavers growing, the business just kept moving forward (Story of America!)

Currently serving Utah from its Northernmost snow peaked mountains to the warm mesas of St George, more and more people are learning about the beautiful benefits of paver! From Legos and sketches to backyards and renderings, you can still find Vianna and Sam both hard at work. With the rest of the team and family, they continue educating communities and homeowners about how pavers are Supercalifragilisticexpialidociously Awesome!!!!

Family Picture: Samuel, Rebeca, Elio, and Cristina Vianna.
Big Brother Sam and Little Sister Rebeca in 2019.
In case you are wondering how we got the company name, “Strong Rock Pavers,” and our tag line, “We Love Our Pavers!” it’s simple:
The Lord Jesus is our “Rock”, and we founded our company on Him and through Him. We owe it all to Him. We strive forward because we know who is our Captain and Who is for us. On this page we thank You, Lord, for all that You have done for us and for all the wonderful people You have placed around us.
“And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.” (Matthew 7:25)
That’s why He is in the middle, Strong “Rock” Pavers!
As for “We Love Our Pavers!,” that’s what our customers say. It was a 5 year old girl named Katy who did the original art work around 2008, inspiring it to be our motto and the tag line that is heard around western United States
On this page we also want to thank ALL of our team members, from the ones who put their hard work and sweat in the hot sun and cold snow, to the ones who give it all they have in the office making sure things run as efficient as possible. This goes to those who are currently with us and those in the beginning, whose memorable years of hard work and dedication will never be forgotten! Our team strives to achieve the BEST for our Customers, our People, our Environment and our Community!

Thanks, again, and a Big Hug to All! Now we want YOU to join our story! We’re looking forward to coming out and making your outdoors Amazing, Lindo, Bello, Beautiful, 綺麗な, Incroyable, Magnifico!!!

First picture of Samuel Vianna seen with Pavers in 1991.
Elio Vianna on pavers.
Oldest picture of Pavers found in family, Dona Clara Vianna (Elio’s Mom)